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spring and when asked where they got it from
      they replied, “From Hermanus Pieter’s fontein”.
      “It was not until the diamond Jubilee of Queen
      Victoria in 1897 that consciences could be
      completely at rest, for a general pardon was
      granted to all such men absent without leave.”
      What a relief it must have been for these men
      and their families.
      So the families remained and in the 1940s and
      1950s most of these names became part of the
      history of Hermanus.
      One connection I well remember was a Mr Henn    ANIMATED GALLERY
      who was a builder & plumber who stayed with
      us in the 1940s and built on a shower room and   Sightings
      toilet to a house my mother had bought in De
      Kelders, across the road from the Hotel and I   There have been all sorts of interesting sightings
      seem to remember the house cost about £600!   this month on the estate.
      It was called ‘Rusoord’ and for many years we   Most recently a monkey was spotted on the golf
      had many wonderful holidays there.   course and even though charming to look at, can
      Another connection was through the church   become a nuisance and invade homes, so please do
      where the head server, Will Warrington, trained   not encourage by feeding. Hopefully this one was
      me to be a server and an Afrikaans speaking   just passing through.
      Dudley Paterson was an important cog in our   Dassies have been spotted again. When we lived
      rugby team. We were mostly pretty bilingual   in Galloway there was a small number of Dassies
      by then.                             among the rocks near the fence on the fairway
      Maintenance                          so it seems that they have come back. Geraldine
                                           managed to snap a few pics and we decided it
      You are being treated to a huge amount of   would make a wonderful front cover.
      rain but that leads to a huge clean-up every   Sue Harwood also sent in some beautiful photos.
      time it happens. Well done and thank you to
      the Turfnet team for coping so well with the
      extra work that comes your way.

                                                      ANIMATED GALLERY

                                           Birds and Beasties
                                           Mike and Margaret sent us this delightful picture
                                           of the Sunday morning visitors to their pool in
               ANIMATED GALLERY            Montague Village! They have no idea where they
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