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But overall it remained as it was.
                                               So because I had lived there, even as a young
                                               boy, we overlapped in time and I remember
                                               meeting some of the people mentioned in the
                                               book. One of the main sources for the author
                                               was Mrs Gertrude Grant who gave my brother
                                               and me art lessons once a week while her son,
                DNA NEWSLETTER                 Neil, had piano lessons with my mother twice a
                                               week. Perhaps a continuation of the early bater
                                               system that prevailed in early Hermanus days
                                               when ready cash was scarce and fish plentiful?
        Dear Friends                           Did you know that in the early days there
        Welcome to the new year. What will it hold?   were three villages, Hermanus as far as Hoy’s
        The world has been/is in turmoil, but we need   Koppie, Pooles Bay as far as Mossel River and
        to have hope. Going forward we will be faced   Mossel River itself and it was only in 1941
        with many decisions perhaps the main one   the three  were  welded together into the
        relating to the vaccine. When will it actually   town of Hermanus. My family arrived there
        get here? when will it be my turn? and then   in 1941!  Going well back to early days and
        will I want to have it? We are all so different   the wreck of the Birkenhead in 1852 long
        and the decision is entirely personal. Tricia   before Hermanus started there was a little
        feels that it should not be the elderly (over   fishing village Herries Bay at Hawston, east of
        80?) because we have lived good and happy   the now Hermanus where two families lived,
        lives and we should rather save those who   one of which were the Henns who had five
        have their whole lives ahead of them. What   daughters and five sons.
        a dilemma.
                                               During and after the Crimean War some men
                                               had landed at Cape Town and jumped ship
                                               because shipboard life was unrelentingly
                                               tough and a new country beckoned. They
                                               then got away from Cape Town and came
                                               east up the coast and ended up fishing for
                                               Michiel Henn in Herries Bay  and marrying
                                               his daughters. This is how in the early days
                                               the area ended up with two Scotsmen, one
                                               Englishman, a Pole and one half American and
                                               half Capetonian.
                                               So at different times Scotsman one, Thomas
                                               Montgomery married Henrietta;
      Sitting on the Stoep                     Scotsman two, John Paterson married Maria

      You are probably tired of hearing that I grew up in   Englishman Harry Plumridge married
      Hermanus for twelve years from 1941 to 1953. But I have   Magdalena
      in front of me an Hermanus book by Arderne Tredgold   The Pole John Leff married Sarah
      called “Village of the Sea”. It was first published in   American, James Warrington married
      1965 with a second edition in 1980 along with a note,   Elizabeth!
      inter alia, that “since it first appeared fifteen years ago   Later Michiel Henn and several sons-in- law
      some  things have changed and some of the people   decided  to  move  to  what  was  to  become
      mentioned are no longer living,” so a few additions and   Hermanus as “the children named it”. It was
      alterations had been made to bring the text up to date.   one of their duties to fetch water from the
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