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Dainfern Golf Estate Resident's   does odd jobs (sanding & painting), irons beautifully
      Classifieds                            and has even helped with the odd school project. He is a
                                             pleasure to have in our home and our dogs adore him. For
                                             references, call Linda 083 391 1001
                                             JUSTICE - I recommend Justice who is a very reliable
            Email classifieds to Colleen     Gardner, has a good attitude, works hard, responds well to
             at          your instructions, comes on time and delivers . He can be
                                             reached at 084 360-0857.
      Clothing                               SAMUEL has been a great employee who demonstrated
                                             great integrity, dedication and discipline as a driver.
      FERN BOUTIQUE ladies home-based boutique, 734 Bentwood   Swimming pool maintenance/ gardener skills and
      Dainfern. Reasonably priced, proudly South African and imported
      ranges. Dresses, tops, pants, jeans, jackets, sterling silver from Bali,   experience are is an added advantage. Contact telephone
      accessories. 9-3 Mon-Fri Sat vba. Sally 083 290 3857. Facebook Fern   number: +27 64 097 6727 – Michael for ref.
      Boutique and Instagram @fern_boutique_
      Employment                             Food and Snacks
                                             GREAT BILTONG with free delivery. Great snack for the whole
      DOMESTIC WORKER / HOUSE KEEPER         family  or  for  lunch  boxes.  SNAP  STICKS  -  Trad/Chilli/Spare  Rib/
      BESLINE - We are leaving the country in Feb and would highly   Chutney; SLICED - TRAD/CHILLI; WHOLE STICKS; DRY WORS. Whats
      recommend Besline who has been with us for nearly four years.   app me for a PRICE LIST 074 179 5558  Vanessa Rout.
      She is such a phenomenal worker and is amazing with our kids. She
      would be an asset to any family. Beslina Ncube 670620 0249 080   For Sale / Hire
      Tel:  076 419 6498
      MERIAM has worked in Dainfern for 18 years. She is loyal, honest and   BABOLAT TENNIS SHOES Yellow and blue Babolat tennis shoes
      an excellent domestic worker. She is totally capable of undertaking   (UK6 EUR39); never been used. Price: R1000.00
      all household chores, and is an excellent ironer. I shall be sorry to lose   WILSON JUNIOR TENNIS RACQUET Wilson tennis racquet Juice
      Meriam due to our relocation. She is looking for work in Dainfern for   24’’ spin effect, 224g, blue/yellow/white. Price: R500.00
      Monday to Friday.  Contact Jill on 072 229 9111 for references.  VIOLIN, STAND & CHINREST Stentor ½ size violin + Kun chinrest +
      CHIPO - Our part time household assistant is looking for employment   pack pf G-strings + stand. All in excellent condition. All for R2000.00.
      on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Chipo is incredibly hard working,   Keyboard bench 3-position X-Style On-Stage Stands Keyboard bench
      honest, reliable and friendly. 082 320 4478 - Contact Karen  – perfect condition R500.
      OLGA is looking for a full time, live out position from second   Titan Hades 24’’ Mountain Bike Titan 24’’ mountain bike in green/
      week in Jan 2021. She is a very hard worker and is very honest and   blue with pump & bottle holder. Perfect condition. Price@ R3000.00
      reliable. Please contact Amanda on 082 875 7275 or Olga on 083   Assorted collections of Playmobil  Vet/clinic; Elf & Fairies; Pirate
      585 9740 should you wish to interview her.  ships; Assorted aircraft carrier and Planes & radio control towers;
      LINDA – Linda is looking for a full time work or part time work. She   Egyptian pyramid and boat: (Perfect condition, but out of original
      is a wonderful worker and has a certificate to look after children.   box, complete sets) Each for R500 or everything for R2000.00
      She also loves animals. Her English is good and is a lovely person.   Cessna Cockpit Replica For any kid who adores flying or playing
      Please contact Linda direct: 073 347 1719  pilot, this one-of-a kind, handmade life-size cockpit is a must with
      PRECIOUS  is  looking  for  full  time,  live  in  position. She’s  hard   2 seats and rudder pedals, throttle, yoke, dials, levers and all the
      working, reliable, and honest, has initiative and is proactive. Precious   instruments you would find on an actual Cessna … it’s every budding
      (mid 40 years old) is an intelligent Zimbabwean lady that has been   pilot’s dream. Must see it to believe it! Unforgettable present for any
      helping me through December. Her previous employer has moved   kid who loves playing with planes. Price: R10K
      out of Johannesburg but Precious has been in the family for close   Samsonsite Lite-locked spinner suitcase charcoal 81cm Good
      to 30 years. She’s good with kids and animals too. For references,   condition. Price R2500.00 Contact: Karen 083-443-4844 for photos
      please contact me, Jacqui 083 324 8424 or previous employer, Lexi   or visit.\
      083 289 0827.
      SAMANTHA my part time domestic worker she's 37 years old. She's   Medical
      looking for Employment Wednesdays and Saturdays. She's reliable
      honest hardworking and friendly. She's been with me for 8 years.   DAINFERN PHYSIOTHERAPY (in Sherwood  Village),  available
      Please contact her on 073 336 0047.or Lebo 072 341 7963 warm   in December.  Bring your back, neck, headaches, knees, hips,
      Regards Lebo.                          shoulders, hands, ankles etc and all sport injuries. Contact Jacqui
      TAPIWA is currently seeking permanent live in employment. Her   on 083 324 8424.
      to look after a baby and 5 year old, also worked in the house. She  Tuition
      previous employees have returned overseas She was employed
      is a hard worker and of a pleasant disposition. Please contact her   PRIVATE TUITION:  Qualified,  Experienced,  Teacher  offering
      directly on 0840813385                 lessons online/one on one. All Grades, All Subjects. Specializing
      GARDENER / DRIVER / HANDYMAN / DOG WALKER  in English. Homework Assistance/Supervision. Study Skills.
                                             Test/Exam Preparation. Home Schooling. Morning/Afternoon
      JAMES, who comes from Malawi has worked for me for   Sessions. Call Chantelle:  082 967 0270
      over 12 years and is seeking additional days’ work, either on   Let's BUILD your future together! Qualified Foundation Phase
      Mondays, Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. He is hard working,   Teacher, offering one-on-one private tuition for all subjects.
      communicates well and is trustworthy. James has access   Specialising in Grade R & 1. Fun Arts & Crafts; Fine & Gross Motor
      to the estate as he has a work permit. James gardens,   Stimulation Available. Contact Nicole: 079 261 4292
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