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                                               Nature News
               DNA NEWSLETTER
               continued from page 9                   By Wim Spronk
      came from or how they managed to evade
      the attention of their two dogs. The goslings   Collection of some of Wims Spronk's best video
      were too small to climb out of the pool and   sequences edited to beautiful music.
      the  mother  was  very  stressed  and  honking
      loudly. With the very efficient and prompt
      help from the security staff the mother and
      babies were removed and released elsewhere.
      The  loud  continuous  honking  early  in  the
      morning  would  have  disturbed  some  of  the
      neighbours’ lie-in but that’s what can happen
      when living close to nature.
      Crackerjack                                  VIDEO LINK: Nature's Symphony

        “There lies the port; the vessel puffs her   If you are out and about on the Estate, take
        sail;                                a snapshot of our beautiful scenery, wildlife,
        There gloom the dark, broad seas. My   lifestyle, etc. and submit your pics and videos to
        Souls that have toiled, and wrought, and
        thought with me needs hyphen after me -
        That ever with a frolic welcome took
        The thunder and the sunshine………….”
          Lines from Tennyson’s great poem

      These lines apply so aptly to the fathers and
      sons who first settled in Hermanus in those
      early days in the 1850s and sailed and rowed
      from the Old Harbour to fish for a living; and
      their wives and daughters who helped them
      clean the fish and make their homes and cook
      their suppers and everything.
      Even a hundred years later I could watch those
      tough fisherfolk bringing in their boats at the
      Take heart, let us all remain safe and healthy;
      and keep hope alive.
      I think we are very lucky!
      Regards from Tony Border
      For the Nature Association
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